About Us

We are currently building our structures on Halltown Road, Spruce Pine next to the New Buck Stove facility. Appalachian buildings was created to provide high quality storage buildings built in Spruce Pine. Located here in the Appalachian Mountains we strive to provide the best customer experience possible. Whether it is our building, sales, or delivery we do everything to make the customer satisfied with the end result.

Our History

The Appalachian Sheds and More’s story begins at the height of the economic down-turn here in the mountains. The founder, Ken Schlabach and his brother, Nate Schlabach co-owned a boutique, custom home building company called Sweet Creek Construction. As the economic crunch continued from 2010 thru 2012 the backlog of construction work tapered off to practically nothing. It became apparent then that they would have to re-invent themselves in some way. Enter 2012 and the birth of Appalachian Storage begins. We started in a small 3 bay mechanic’s garage facility close to Bakersville, NC with one production employee and operated from there for the remainder of the year. Our second location was in Ledger where we leased a building that was slightly larger and didn’t have as many ceiling height restrictions. In March of 2014 we moved to the Old Buck Stove building in Minpro where we stayed till our final move in the early months of 2016.


Chad Weaver

Owner – Sales – Delivery

Bob Diekmann


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